Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you repair other phones?

• Absolutely! If your cell phone is broken, chances are it's repairable. Send us a request and tell us which device and problem you're having with it. You will be contacted within an hour with a quote and repair option.

I have multiple issues with my device, do you offer bundle repairs?

• We sure do. Please let us know in the (additional damage field) what other problems you're having with the device or call us directly at 786.404.1711 and we will tell you your best options and price.

I have my own part, can a technician install it for me?

• Of course! As long as the part meets the specifications of the device, a technician will be able to install it for you for a small labor fee.

What type of warranty do you offer?

• All repairs are covered under our 90-day parts and labor warranty. This means if you are having issues with any of the parts installed by the technician within 90-days, we will come out and replace them absolutely free! (Physical damage, Impact damage, LCD and/or Liquid damage are not included in warranty coverage)

What's different about Primitive's repair services versus going to a repair shop?

• Imagine being in traffic, driving to a repair shop, dropping your phone off and being separated from your device for hours. Primitive's repair services removes all that from the equation and will usually have your device repaired within 20 minutes. A simple call or scheduled repair with just a few clicks. No need to leave home, we come to you!

OMG! I broke my phone and I have a flight tomorrow morning! All the repair shops are closed. Can you help me!

• Yes we can and will! Contact us anytime at 786.404.1711

Glass & LCD Repair Services

I see lines and discoloration on my screen, what is this?

• Anytime a screen has suffered severe impact, not only will the glass crack but there is always a chance the LCD becomes damaged as well. What you are seeing is a damaged LCD. This means the Glass, Digitizer & LCD needs to be replaced. The good news is, we see this all the time and it can be repaired.

I dropped my phone, the glass isn't crack but my screen isn't responding to my touch. What's going on?

• This is another common issue we see all the time. Even though the screen may not look physically damaged, it could be internally damaged. Such as the LCD or Digitizer. The part that you don't see is the digitizer. This part is responsible for all the touch functions. A simple screen replacement will fix this problem.

What's the difference between a Glass repair and a LCD repair?

• Great Question! On some devices like the first generation iPad Air the glass is separate from the LCD. They are two individual pieces. This determines which part needs to be replaced. Unlike the second generation iPad Air the glass and LCD are one piece. Which means if either the glass or LCD becomes damaged the entire screen needs to be replaced.

Will my device be water resistant after the screen is replaced?

• If your device has a water resistant seal, the seal will be broken for any repair needed. This being said, Primitive does not replace any water resistant seals on any device after a repair has been completed.

Diagnostic Repair Services

Are diagnostics free?

• We do charge a diagnostic fee. However, if the technician can diagnose and resolve the problem, the diagnostic fee is waived and you will be charged what is needed to repair the device.

My phone is showing no signs of life. Can you tell me what's wrong with it?

• Of course! Our diagnostic services can determine what is wrong with your device. We have the tools to effectively determine what is causing your device to not work. We do charge a diagnostic fee however, if the device is repairable the diagnostic fee is waived and you will be charged what is needed to repair the device.

Apple Parts

Do you use original Apple parts or OEM parts?

• As of April 27, 2022, Apple. INC now offers original (OEM) parts for select iPhone models for purchase in the U.S.
Original Apple Parts →

Can I purchase an original Apple part and have it installed by a Primitive technician?

• Absolutely! If you purchased an original Apple part, we will only charge you an installation fee.

What if I cannot order an original Apple part?

• If you prefer to use an original Apple part over our 3rd party parts, we will gladly place the order for you and only charge you the part cost plus an installation fee.

Samsung Parts

Do you use original Samsung parts or OEM parts?

• Samsung does offer OEM parts depending on the device however, these OEM parts are at a significantly higher price and are sometimes more costly than the repair itself. We will always offer the best repair price based on part availability and part type. If you have any questions or concerns about the quality of the part being used, please reach out to us.

Custom Orders

Can I cancel a custom order?

• Of course! We do not ask for deposits on any custom orders and you are free to cancel any custom orders at anytime however, if an order has been received and a technician is dispatched to your location, a $30.00 diagnostic fee and a repackaging fee may be requested upon cancellation.